How To Generate Passive Income From A Photo Blog?: Some Ideas For Travelogue Owners!

Have you ever thought about making money from a photo blog? Did you ever know that you can make passive income from a blog that only has images on it? Well, there are thousands of such blogs making a decent passive income for the bloggers. These blogs often refer to a specific category – travelogues! Though there are numerous other blog genres that can also follow the same concept. However, the travelogues work better with this concept than any other types. If you love to travel a lot and snap photos, you will be able to generate decent income just by publishing your captures on the blogs. Here, you will discover how to generate passive income from a photo blog! The method is pretty simple, however, you will explore some ideas that worth your time and money!

How to generate passive income from a cool travelogue using photo content only!

Setting up a travelogue is fairly simple; with the basic knowledge about coding and the popular blogging platforms, anyone can easy create a cool travelogue in a few minutes. However, the biggest challenge is to make the travelogue popular and get visitors for the blog. Once you have started getting some traffic from different sources, you can easily monetize the traffic and start making a decent income from the travelogue.

#1 advertising revenues

First of all, you can make money from the advertising units shown on the pages on your blog. You can use different types and styles of advertising units and can embed them inside your blog posts if you prefer. You have to do some research to get better click through rates. However, you should include a few lines or sentences to get relevant advertisements and make more money from relevant traffic. You can make a decent passive income from the advertising revenues!

#2 donations

Many travelogues make a lot of money from donations. You may find there are lots of travellers who get financial support from the followers. These donations come from their travelling blogs. They can make a decent amount of passive income just by sharing the glimpses of their journey around the world. For some of them travelling is not only their passion, but also their way to make money. They have taken travelling as their job! Yes, they make money just for travelling around the world! Just put a donation button on your website and there you go!

#3 premium members’ section

Finally, there is always an option to start a premium section for your members. You can share the best images with your premium members who would pay you a regular fee. This can be also a very powerful method to monetize the travelogues. However, you have to be very professional and focused towards your visitors and explore what they’ve been looking for. And at the same time, you have to make sure that you are highly skilled for the photography niche you’ve chosen. This way, you will not only make passive income online, but will also be able to brand yourself and make more money as a professional photographer specialized in travelling shoots!

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